07 August 2011

AUGUST 8th 1:20am #WTT

The day and hour I realized what the music industry is/and has become and why I DONT CARE FOR OTHERS OPINION ON ART

music is subjective as is and to hear how people treated the watch the throne project was disgusting. It made me realize you will never be what YOU'RE trying to be for people
So do you! I dont ask for opinions as is, but NOW after today I WONT ever ask for an opinion purposely ... If i create I create and that's it! That's my vision and how I would like for me to sound

Motherfuckers have become critics and dont even enjoy themselves no more
How you review an album after a computer listen in 30 minutes and the album 46 minutes???

I officially dont care for fans that can't be fans, sickening and I dont want it around me

Hollywood FLOSS