28 June 2010

hasHBrown: Represent (Prod. Jett I. Masstyr) x Road to Break Something (Video)

Even though this is my personal site, expect to see things other than myself that i appreciate and respect

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The homie hasHBrown just dropped off this new banger Represent & hears what he had to say

“Houston’s own hasHBrown is back again with a new song ‘Represent’ from his upcoming release BREAK SOMETHING–the song is a shoutout to some houston hip-hop figures, listen closely to catch every reference. The track was produced by Jett I. Masstyr and features some cuts by DJ Gonz of Hafaza Crew. BREAK SOMETHING is slated for release this October but hasHBrown is documenting the journey of making this album, check out part one of his ‘Road to Break Something’ series.”

hasHBrown - Represent